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    Baton Rouge Police Under Investigation After Video Shows Officer Choking A 13-Year-Old Black Boy

    Video has emerged online that shows a Baton Rouge police officer choking a 13-year-old Black boy with an arm wrapped around his throat. [...]

    ‘New Soul Of Harlem’: Restaurant Ad Showing Only White Patrons Sparks Outrage, Briefly

    Some people in Harlem -- a community that's been all but synonymous with Black people -- were caught off-guard when they saw a poster featuring only white people that advertised a "new soul" restaurant. [...]

    The History Of Black Sci-Fi & Horror Films

    From the cult classic Candyman to the modern-day marvel Get Out, Black American culture has most certainly etched its place in horror and sci-fi and we only seem to be growing in the ever-evolving space. [...]

    Florida County Snubs Rush Limbaugh As Flag-Lowering Debate Rages

    Florida's Palm Beach County has snubbed both Rush Limbaugh and Gov. Ron DeSantis by deciding against lowering flags to honor the conservative and racist talk show host following his recent death. [...]

    President Barack Obama Says He Broke Kid’s Nose Who Called Him A Racial Slur

    By way of a new podcast with Rock legend Bruce Springsteen, Obama shared a story of how he broke a friend's nose who called a coon on the basketball court. [...]

    No Charges For Rochester New York Police Officers Involved With Daniel Prude’s Death

    Seven police officers were suspended with pay behind Prude’s death, none will face consequences. [...]

    Top Quotes From Bayard Rustin, The First Openly Gay Black Civil Rights Leader

    Check out the most notable Bayard Rustin quotes, one of our unsung heroes of black history. [...]

    Marijuana Is Now Legal In New Jersey

    Lovers of the leaf living in The Garden State just got the news of a lifetime. [...]

    Capitol Police Capt. Carneysha Mendoza Recalls Insurrection Horrors: ‘Things Are Still Raw’

    Capitol Police Capt. Carneysha Mendoza's harrowing testimony recalling the horrors she experienced during the insurrection and attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol seemed to resonate heavily. [...]

    Read Capitol Police Capt. Carneysha Mendoza’s Harrowing Senate Testimony About The Insurrection

    Capitol Police Capt. Carneysha Mendoza was among the members of law enforcement testifying before the Senate about the response to the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Read her full testimony here. [...]