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Black America Web News
High School Basketball Coach Fired After His Players Throw Tortillas At Mostly Latino Rival Team (Video)

A San Diego-area school district voted Tuesday night to fire a head basketball coach after tortillas were hurled at a team from a mostly Latino high school. [...]

You Big Dummy! Honolulu Councilman Criticized For Reposting Blackface Skit From Past Comedy Career

Comedian-turned-councilman Augie Tulba of Honolulu recently reposted one of his old skit videos showing himself in blackface, and somehow we're having a hard time getting the joke. At all. [...]

This Social Media Challenge Is Blamed For The Death Of A 9-Year-Old Boy

With social media continuing to grow in popularity, more instances of dangerous - and sometimes deadly - outcomes are being reported as participants in online challenges become victims of unexpected tragedy. [...]

Is Detroit The Most Segregated City In America?

Michigan's largest city has a lot of work to do when it comes to race relations following a new study that says Detroit is actually the most segregated city in the United States. [...]

It Won’t Stop: Chris Brown, Once Again, Accused Of Assaulting Woman Who Says He Smacked Her Weave Off

The latest assault claim on Chris Brown comes from a woman who says — do NOT laugh! — that he hit her in the back of the head so hard that her actual weave top flew off. [...]

Jury Chooses To Convict Ex-St. Louis Police Officer in Brutal Beating of Undercover Black Cop

An ex-St. Louis police officer was found guilty for his part in the brutal beating of an undercover Black officer, sparked by a protest over the acquittal of police officer Jason Stockley for the 2017 shooting death of 24-year-old Black man Anthony Lamar Smith. [...]

NY State Trooper Pepper Sprayed & Rammed Family’s SUV, Leading To Death Of 11-Year-Old Black Girl

A four household family consisting of 39-year-old Tristin Goods, his wife April and their two daughters, 12-year-old Tristina and 11-year-old Monica, were pretty much harassed by a NY state trooper on a traffic stop three days before Christmas, leading to the death of the youngest child in the car. [...]

High Court Sides With Ex-Athletes In NCAA Compensation Case

The Supreme Court decided unanimously Monday that the NCAA can’t enforce rules limiting education-related benefits — like computers and paid internships — that colleges offer to student-athletes, a ruling that could help push changes in how the student-athletes are compensated. [...]

21 Positive Images Of Black Dads That Shattered False Stereotypes On Father’s Day

NewsOne compiled video examples of Black fathers doting on their children and flaunting their love by posting footage to social media of the interactions. [...]

Man Representing Himself in Double Murder Trial Cross-Examines Son, 11, He Allegedly Stabbed (Watch)

Jurors heard heartbreaking testimony Wednesday morning at the murder trial of Ronnie Oneal, who is representing himself on charges that he murdered his wife and daughter, and attempted to kill his 8-year-old son in Tampa, Fla. [...]