Family Reunion Update

What about 2021?

In 2021 the last weekend of July is July 30, 2021. Planning an away reunion takes a lot of time and planning for both the planners and the participants. If you are interested in hosting and/or helping plan the 2021 reunion send an email to and let everyone know.

An easy way to contact a lot of family at once is the mailing list address at
  • If you are not on the emailing list, please join now and be in the loop!
  • If you know a family member that is not on the list, get them to sign up too.
  • Someone has to plan reunions for next year and the year after next. We need to talk to one another about how we can contribute to improving each yearly event and then form committees to do the actual planning work.
The committee member lists can be posted here so that everyone knows who is doing the planning.

Cousin Julia

We were recently contacted by another cousin! Everett’s oldest daughter found and got in contact with the family the other day.

Here is her picture!

Albert Watkins 8mm Home Movies

I recently found a box of 8mm film that belonged to my dad. I had it converted to digital, and am in the process of editing it and creating a bunch of short videos from the material. The one below is my own 1st birthday party, but there are many more with video of me (of course) and my parents. There is one of a Watkins family gatherings at Miller’s Meadow with Knott and Billie, Thelma and Floyd, Clem and Esther and a little Tony too! As I get them done I will upload them to my YouTube link where you, too, can see them any time.

The Family Tree

The family tree is FIXED!
 treeSend me (or someone with access) your family tree information! Parents, children, their children and birthdays for everyone, leaving dates for those that are gone. Photos and nicknames too! Let’s get this thing filled up so we can print it out for the next reunion.

Need a password? The Family Tree pages are password protected.  You no longer have to log in, just use the password from the old site! Don’t know the old password? Better ask somebody.



Family Email List

We are setting up a mailing list that can be used to disseminate information to everyone that is on the list. Sign up (below) and you will get a confirmation E-mail with a link that you must click to activate the subscription. Once your subscription is activated you can send an email message to and every subscriber will get a copy. Be sure to sign up right now! More information.
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